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Retailers: Are you tapping the right expertise?

Questioning research

Fresh off the heels of the big black Friday holiday shopping sales bonanza, you may have noticed lots of well-known organizations coming out of the woodwork to offer reports on... More

Watch our ‘VOC Leaders’ interviews & YouTube channel

ForeSee YouTube videos

At ForeSee, we firmly believe that developing and nurturing a customer experience strategy is the best path to success. However, it’s not always easy to navigate the CX waters to... More

Satisfaction matters: What great customer experience strategies get right.

Satisfaction differences

Customer satisfaction does matter, but it can be difficult to manage and assess. You can’t rely on idioms and common sense, you’ll need to adopt a method for measuring that satisfaction. And to measure it the right way, you need a methodology rooted in rigor and science. What does this mean? Simply put, satisfaction measured the right way should include a CX strategy that is: More

Ratings & reviews have a major impact on holiday shopping behavior (report)

Holiday ratings & reviews

The climate for retailers this holiday season is highly competitive, forcing companies to refine business strategies, hone marketing messaging, and double-down on an incredible customer experience. But there’s another factor... More

Like golf, there are 3 key components for improving your CX game

CX and golf

I’m a horrible golfer. Despite there being a golf course that shares my name, there is no metaphysical transcendence happening that improves my game. Regardless of how many rounds I... More

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