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How To Improve Citizen Experience Through Scientific Measurement

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Getting your entire organization to both understand and believe that the customer experience is paramount is certainly an important first step. However, once you’ve accomplished that, it’s then time to... More

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How rue21 Built A Stellar Customer Experience [Video]


“If you build it, they will come.” No, we’re not referring to the baseball diamond Kevin Costner’s character was mysteriously called upon to build in the 1989 classic Field of... More

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CX Strategy Success 101: Are you speaking the same language?


For years, marketing professionals and successful business leaders have come to the conclusion that improving customer experiences requires measuring and understanding that experience. And yet, at the same time we’re... More

Summit Takeaways: CX With Certainty

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Just a little over a week ago, about 300 wonderful ForeSee clients joined us to learn more about how we can make customer experience strategies work better for their organizations... More

How to Measure CX In the Contact Center the Right Way

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What are some good metrics that companies use today to measure the contact center customer experience? A few come to mind that I hear prospective clients mention often before they... More