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Understanding the power of ForeSee benchmarks


The basic definition of a “benchmark” is a standard or point of reference to which something can be compared. The way it relates to customer experience isn’t much different; ForeSee’s... More

VoC Leaders: How MD Financial benefits from looking critically at CX data

Financial Services CX

Mike Starr is Digital Product Manager at MD Financial Management, who is responsible for gathering feedback and managing a product roadmap for his organization. Mike sat down with us to... More

Etsy understands the value of investing in technology to improve CX

CNBC Etsy Interview

For retail companies, providing a stellar customer experience translates to improved sales, higher loyalty, and more return business. But creating — and maintaining — a great CX can prove difficult,... More

How myHermes is boosting business with ForeSee Ratings & Reviews


Like many B2C companies, leading U.K.-based online parcel shipping service myHermes relies on customer ratings and reviews as a core component of its business strategy. A high volume of reviews... More

How Apple’s ‘courage’ to ditch the headphone jack relies on customer satisfaction

The new iPhone 7 featuring Apple's new wireless Airpods intended to make the headphone jack obsolete.

There are a lot of people poking fun at Apple’s Phil Schiller for saying that the company’s decision to ditch the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7 came down to having the “courage” to create a better solution for how people listen to audio. The comment left Mr. Schiller wide open for ridicule, but being in the business of measuring customer experience I definitely interpreted it much differently. More