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Usability Best Practices: Self-Referencing Links

foresee usability best practices

ForeSee’s usability group relies on a variety of knowledge resources to inform our understanding of the latest design trends and usability best practices. One of these sources is ForeSee’s cxReplay, which allows us to capture and recreate a visitor's experience after they decide to take one of our surveys. Recently, cxReplay has prompted us to reconsider an infrequently-cited usability guideline that address a little-known, yet pervasive problem called Self-Referencing Links.   More

Usability Perspective: 5 Financial Services Login Tips for a Better Customer Experience

financial services mobile customer experience

Any bank, insurance agency, investment firm, or other financial services institution will tell you that one of the most common task (if not the most common) driving visitors to the... More

Using Data to Impact Usability Efforts


Usability is an essential piece in the optimization of the customer experience puzzle. The ForeSee Usability Services group defines Usability as: The measure of how well an interface (web, mobile,... More

Usability Best Practices for e-Gov Mobile Web Experiences, Part 3

mobile customer experience tablet

So far I’ve talked in depth about six areas of the mobile experience and best practices on how to execute them from a usability standpoint. In this final post of... More

Usability Best Practices for e-Gov Mobile Web Experiences, Part 2

mobile customer experience 2

Last time, I took a look at some of the best practices for the mobile Web, including topics such as Mobile Site or Not Yet; Site vs. App; and Redirection.... More