Precise Measurement

There’s a saying “You cannot manage what you do not measure.”  Furthermore, what you measure will determine where and how you allocate your resources. With an ever-expanding array of choices to connect with a company, customer experience has never been more important.  Yet with so many channels to connect (web, mobile, social media, contact centers, locations, etc.), the challenge of meaningful measurement grows. And with the complexity of devices consumers use to communicate with the company and each other, the challenge grows even bigger.

Measuring the customer experience with precision, accuracy and reliability affords a competitive advantage in today’s ultra-competitive environment.  

Success must be defined not only in simple behavioral data terms, but must take the consumers’ perspective into account as well.  ForeSee measures success through the eyes of the consumer with a superior breed of satisfaction analytics. We scientifically measure and analyze how people view their experiences, their expectations, their intent, and what they will do as a result of the experience. This gives you the context and intelligence to focus improvements and allocate resources where they will have the greatest impact. Understanding the customer’s expectations in the context of ForeSee’s causal analytic models focuses companies on the improvements with the greatest potential and empowers them to predict the value to the company in terms of future customer behavior – such as increased loyalty, retention, and recommendation.

Keeping the pulse of customer attitudes, expectations and intent on a continuous basis, helps organizations stay customer-focused.

Our predictive methodology connects the dots between what’s driving satisfaction with customer experience and how much satisfaction can influence behavior. The ForeSee CXA methodology measures the customer experience and utilizes cause-and-effect modeling to radically change the way organizations make critical business investments and decisions for better bottom-line results.