Relevant Benchmarks

For the context you need to understand your customers’ perspective, ForeSee offers benchmarks that are relevant and timely. There are two key aspects of benchmarks that are extremely valuable in managing customer experience and for motivating your organization to take action when appropriate:

  • Satisfaction performance over time: Measuring satisfaction with the accuracy, precision and reliability provided by ForeSee technology allows you to understand with confidence the impact of changes you make. Seeing satisfaction changes gives you the ability to respond quickly. Monitoring performance over time allows you to examine each touch point in light of changes in your market, competitors’ initiatives, the customer experience improvements you make, your own marketing efforts, and cross-channel performance.
  • Performance against your peers and best-in-class: ForeSee provides a wide range of  benchmarks across over 80 industries and subcategories, including high and low scores, to provide context to each customer touch point’s performance.