Customer Experience Analytics for Web


Making the right website changes, changes that improve the customer experience, can greatly enhance your business. Making the wrong ones, or not making needed changes, can hurt it dramatically. For over 12 years, ForeSee has been at the forefront of helping businesses improve the web customer experience for maximum business impact. Our predictive analytics are making the Internet a better place for hundreds of businesses and millions of consumers around the world.

Measure the Online Customer Experience with Confidence

ForeSee cxMeasure for Web uses a proven approach to customer experience measurement to accurately measure your customers’ satisfaction with key elements of your website (e.g., functionality, navigation, content) and applies predictive analytics to quantify the impact those elements have on desired future customer behaviors (e.g., recommendations, purchases, brand loyalty). With cxMeasure for Web, you can confidently and accurately identify critical website issues that directly impact the customer experience — and your business’ bottom line.

Key Features

cxMeasure for Web goes beyond traditional satisfaction surveys and open-ended customer feedback so you can stop chasing squeaky wheels and focus on making improvements that matter to your customers. With cxMeasure for Web, you can:

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers

  • Our customer experience reporting capabilities help you discover not only who is coming to your website, but also what is bringing them there and how the experience you’re providing influences their behavior.

Get Actionable Insights

  • Measure customer satisfaction continuously to detect and resolve issues before they negatively affect your business.

Analyze and Communicate

  • Continuously monitor customer experience data, stay on top of performance trends and easily share the voice of the customer throughout the organization with our analytics portals.

Benchmark Against Peers and Industry Leaders

  • Determine how your web customer experience ranks against key competitors, the best-in-class, other industries, and more with our multichannel benchmarks.

See What Your Customers See

  • Add ForeSee cxReplay for Web to see exactly how your customers are interacting with your website and speed up the identification and resolution of issues.

Take Verbatims to Vivid Insights

  • Harness actionable insights from open-ended comments with ForeSee Sentiment Analytics and quantify positive and negative sentiment for deeper understanding of customer needs.
Using ForeSee, we’re constantly optimizing our site and monitoring the pulse of consumers . . . a gut feeling about what’s happening holds no weight. It’s great to have the ForeSee data to fall back on.

Annamarie Bermundo, Assistant VP of Digital and CRM Platforms, L’Oréal Paris

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ForeSee cxMeasure for Web measures the customer experience the right way so you’ll know which changes will have the greatest impact on your business. With nearly 13 years of experience and over 600 clients, including half of the Fortune 100, ForeSee is the undisputed leader in measuring customer experience on the web. Contact us to see why.