Measuring customer satisfaction in a meaningful, actionable way is not easy. Customer satisfaction is intangible, unlike the transactional metrics companies commonly track. It is nuanced, not black and white, with invisible thresholds you need to navigate. It is dynamic, shifting as customers interact with your company and its brands. And it is predictive of your success because it has a direct impact on the customer behaviors that impact financial results.

ForeSee brings together science and technology to measure the customer experience through the lens of customer satisfaction. Applying research best practices with predictive econometric modeling, ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics let you measure customer experience with precision, accuracy, and reliability as you quantify the relationships between customer impressions of their experiences and their impact on customer behavior. 

ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics help you answer pressing managerial questions to assess the performance of each customer touch point:  

How Am I Doing?

Is the measurement based on an assessment of quality performance?                             

What Should We Do?

Can it provide targets and priorities for improvement?

Why should we do it? 

Can it assist in calculating ROI and predicting future outcomes?

ForeSee configures predictive satisfaction models to measure each customer touch point from the customers’ perspective using the ForeSee CXA methodology - an advanced statistical engine proven by years of research. The ForeSee CXA methodology measures the customer experience and utilizes cause-and-effect modeling to radically change the way that organizations make strategic investments and decisions for better bottom-line results.

ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics provide a robust combination of superior technology, continuously accessible reporting tools, in-depth analysis, relevant benchmarks, and thought-leading research. We help you quantify and understand the power of customer satisfaction to advance your goals and objectives.

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