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move beyond survey

Move Beyond the Survey

Surveys alone are no longer enough. You need direct, indirect, and unstructured data across all touchpoints to drive business results.

automate analysis

Automate Analysis

No more manual, time- intensive, error-prone analysis. Leverage AI and automation to collect, analyze, and prioritize.

connect silos

Connect Silos to Drive Action

Develop a unified improvement strategy that involves executives, operational heads, and channel managers.

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Verint Experience Index Retail Report 2022

After two years where huge focus and investment has been on digital solutions, the reopening of stores and growth of hybrid working solutions (with some employees returning to the office) means that retailers are looking at another change in how they provide customer experiences. With the level of investment seen in digital solutions since 2020, it’s an uncertain time for many retailers, and finding a balance that offers exceptional online and in-store experiences isn’t straightforward.

Verint Experience Index: Health Insurance 2021

See how 25 of the top health insurance companies in the U.S. rank on CSAT and NPS, what factors impact member satisfaction, and which engagement channels members prefer.


Verint Experience Index: Banking 2021

See how 15 of the top banks in the U.S. rank on CSAT and NPS, why customers have become more omnichannel than ever during the pandemic, and how and when customers like to go digital first.


Experience Quality: A New CX Framework

This ebook is for strategic decision makers—executives, heads of operations, and channel managers—and lays out a unified strategy for improving CX that also raises satisfaction and boosts business benefits.


Verint Experience Index: E-Gov H1 2020

See which sites and apps deliver great citizen experiences, CSAT rankings for 100 agencies, and how COVID-19 impacts the public sector.  


Verint Experience Index: Electric Utilities

See how electric utilities rank on satisfaction, why great experiences boost retention and ROI, and how providers are overcoming COVID-19 challenges.