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ForeSee partners with a variety of companies that complement our products and services, bringing our clients best-in-breed solutions that help achieve a 360° view of their customers across channels and touch points. Our partners include technology vendors, consultants, agencies, and other companies that complement our products and services.

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Analytics & Digital Marketing Solutions

Adobe® Analytics


Adobe® Analytics helps marketers tell the story of what’s happening in their business with data by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across online and offline marketing channels. Marketers utilize the information that flows through Adobe Analytics to continuously improve the performance of their marketing activities. ForeSee CX Integrate for Adobe Analytics provides a simple to set-up, robust, and highly reliable integration between the ForeSee Analytics portal and the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, allowing analysts to marry both attitudinal and behavioral data. The combination of these key metrics provides deep insight for analysts to combine robust travel pattern analysis with the sophistication of knowing site visitors’ impressions, perspectives, and thoughts. In addition, the combined reporting option allows analysts to create insights on demand in the appropriate tool needed at that time.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small. It’s one of the most powerful digital analytics solutions available – and it’s free for anyone to use.

IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)


The IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Suite is an end-to-end, integrated set of capabilities designed exclusively for the needs of marketing organizations. Integrating and streamlining all aspects of online and offline marketing, IBM’s EMM Suite empowers organizations and individuals to turn their passion for marketing into valuable customer relationships and more profitable, timely and measurable business outcomes. The IBM EMM Suite helps marketers understand customer wants and needs and leverage that understanding to engage buyers in highly relevant, interactive dialogs across digital, social and traditional marketing channels. Over 2,500 organizations around the world use IBM EMM solutions to help manage the pressures of increasing marketing complexity while delivering improved revenue and measurable results.



As the acknowledged global web analytics market leader, WebTrends enables thousands of web-smart organizations to easily improve campaign performance and web site conversion as well as to build stronger relationships with their customers. With WebTrends Marketing Lab, the company stands alone in offering comprehensive, customizable web analytics as well as real-time data exploration and customer targeting solutions for relationship marketing. Companies such as Microsoft, IKEA, Reuters, General Mills and more than half of the Fortune and Global 500 rely on WebTrends as their trusted standard for award-winning technology and a full range of consulting services, as well as unmatched industry expertise across the broadest range of vertical markets.

Agencies & Consulting



BitBang has provided digital intelligence and customer experience management consulting since 2003, offering a wide range of services enabling companies to create synergies between their online and offline worlds in order to improve overall business performance. By not bringing its own products and making its delivered value entirely dependent on the creativity and expertise it can bring to render the right analytical mix for every project, BitBang works for its customer’s benefit.

Federal Consulting Group (FCG)


The Federal Consulting Group within the Department of the Interior assists federal agencies in improving their overall performance with a special focus on customer service. The group is made up of career federal executives who have extensive expertise in managing major programs and working with senior agency leaders. The Federal Consulting Group is the executive agent in the Federal Government for ForeSee and holds a generic clearance from the Office of Management and Budget for ForeSee surveys.



MVConsultoria is a leading Web Analytics and Customer Intelligence services firm with offices and clients in Spain, the United Kingdom and Argentina. The MVConsultoria team has been at the forefront of Web Analytics, data-powered automation and Customer Intelligence since 1998.



Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing leader, helping companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways.

eCommerce Platforms

Ebay/GSI Commerce


Ebay/GSI Commerce is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions that enable retailers, branded manufacturers, entertainment companies and professional sports organizations to operate e-commerce businesses. The company provides solutions for its partners through its integrated e-commerce platform, which is comprised of three components: technology, logistics and customer care, and marketing services. The company provides e-commerce solutions for approximately 60 partners.

 Oracle ATG Web Commerce


Oracle‘s ATG Web Commerce is the industry’s top-ranked commerce solution that powers the world’s best brands, and delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience. ATG Web Commerce offers a complete commerce software platform that enables clients to deliver a personalized customer buying experience across all customer touchpoints, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores and more. To further enhance the customer experience, Oracle offers an integrated set of software-as-a-service (SaaS) commerce services that provide the flexibility and intelligence to target the right visitors at the right time with the right offer in the right channel to drive high-value sales. Through these services, clients can engage with customers at the point of interaction through personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and guided assistance.

Service Providers & Technology

Branding Brand


Branding Brand powers the mobile commerce sites and apps for over 200 of the world’s leading retailers, including American Eagle Outfitters, Costco, and Ralph Lauren. Founded in 2008 by three friends from Carnegie Mellon University, the company launched a mobile platform at the end of 2009 to seamlessly extend brands into optimized experiences for smartphones, tablets, and in-store. It is now the largest m-commerce provider to the Internet Retailer Top 500.



Rev.com is a new breed of service provider. Rev’s proprietary technology platform is built to create a great work environment for translators and transcriptionists so the company can deliver clients ever increasing speed and quality. Rev’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home, bringing the best of the office to their online workplace.



Providing customers excellent service — when they want it, with no wait time — is one of the most important factors in defining your brand. Verascape allows customers to help themselves with highly professional, easy to use voice automated services. With real-time links to your database, Verascape can provide up-to-the-minute customer service at a fraction of the cost of a live agent.



Usablenet is a global technology leader for mobile and multi-channel customer engagement. As the pioneer in usability and web accessibility, Usablenet’s powerful platform enables leading companies across all industries to create compelling experiences for their customers across multiple channels, including mobile, tablet, social, and in-store kiosks.

Tag Management



BrightTag is one of the world’s leading marketing technology platforms, powering more than 1,000 brands and agencies. BrightTag empowers its clients to collect, connect and act on cross-channel customer data in real time, from websites and beyond – including mobile, social, email, ads, point-of-sale, CRM, call center, kiosks and more. This enables brand marketers and agencies to deliver smarter, more relevant omni-channel marketing that improves engagement, conversion and loyalty.



Ensighten offers the industry’s first Real-Time Tag Management System built for the needs of sophisticated enterprise websites. An intuitive interface empowers digital marketers to easily add, remove, or modify any third-party digital marketing tag or pixel in real-time, without IT or agency dependency. Ensighten Manage is the only Tag Management System that enables precise tag control per visitor, per session, per page, and works seamlessly across all platforms and devices: web, apps, tablet, phone, e-reader, kiosk, game console, and more.



TagMan is a leading global Tag Management System, Marketing Data, and Marketing Attribution provider. Since 2007, e-commerce professionals and digital marketers have relied on TagMan to improve website performance and harness third party vendor tags. TagMan’s industry first Marketing Data Platform (MDP) provides access to TagMan’s marketing data layer collected in real-time and unified by tags. Marketers can now visualize the customer journey and path to purchase through comprehensive dashboards to reveal the true impact of advertising spend and drive revenue through tag-powered data.



Founded in 2008, Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management and digital data distribution platforms. Tealium gives marketers a comprehensive solution for managing their third-party digital marketing vendor tags, and then correlating the data those tags generate into a clean, actionable source. Hundreds of major brands on five different continents rely on Tealium to streamline digital marketing complexity, solve their customer data integration challenges, and improve the effectiveness of their customer acquisition and retention campaigns.

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