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Chris Joyce is the vice president of east coast sales at ForeSee. Based in Atlanta, Chris is an accomplished sales executive with over 20 years of experience that includes helping companies build robust sales and service organizations, developing product strategy, and executing successful sales programs.

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Satisfaction matters: What great customer experience strategies get right.

Customer satisfaction does matter, but it can be difficult to manage and assess. You can’t rely on idioms and common sense, you’ll need to adopt a method for measuring that satisfaction. And to measure it the right way, you need a methodology rooted in rigor and science. What does this mean? Simply put, satisfaction measured the right way should include a CX strategy that is: More

You have two ears and one mouth for a reason

I’ve seen the CX analytics industry grow up. We now live in an “and” world, not an “or” world. Years ago, one or two technologies might get you by. But things are so competitive now, customers rightly demand so much, the expectation is great CX everywhere. It is a fact of life for analytics pros to have behavioral and attitudinal and other observational technologies... More