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Cecilia Wainio is Integrated Marketing Manager at ForeSee, a Detroiter, and is engaged in the endless upkeep and re­modeling of a 1926 Tudor in the the city’s University District. She joined ForeSee in 2007, when she quickly made her mark by selecting and ordering the red ForeSee pen that is requested by clients, employees and trade show attendees nationwide. She has played a role in every ForeSee Summit to date and is looking forward to seeing you there (or wants to know why you haven’t registered yet).

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Register for ForeSee Connect 2017 and save!

Registration for ForeSee Connect 2017, our annual client summit championing customer experience (CX), is now open! The ForeSee summit is where the very best leaders of CX across multiple industries... More

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ForeSee Connect is our annual client summit where the very best champions of CX across multiple industries come together to present new insights on how you can improve your strategy... More

How to get the most out of ForeSee Summit 2016

The 2016 ForeSee Summit next month will be my tenth and being part of the team that puts this event together is the highlight of my ForeSee career. We don’t... More

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