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Lonnie Miller is Product Marketing Director for Answers Cloud Services. He focuses on shaping market strategies to create sales in order to drive business growth. He draws from over 20 years of influencing marketing plans from his applied knowledge of consumer insights, market intelligence and B2B content development. Lonnie holds an MA in Advertising from Michigan State University and a BBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan-Flint.

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Star Power with Consumer Ratings & Reviews

Consumer Ratings and Reviews

Globally, the military uses various levels of stars to symbolize an officer’s effectiveness, success, or influence. It’s a “badge of awesomeness.” Customers can think of your business in the same way and they’ll place a badge on your brand—whether you see it or not. They form a quick impression from their experiences with your store employees, your website, your customer service team, your new app, etc. If they see your organization in action, there’s a badge in the making. So how many stars will you get? More

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