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Ahead of Summit: A chat with ForeSee VP of Engineering on the future of CX tech

Future CX technology

Ahead of the annual ForeSee Summit next week, I sat down with VP of Engineering and Operations Kaj van de Loo to chat about what’s to to expect at Summit, as well as the future of CX and VOC technology. More

A conversation with CEO Pete Daffern before the ForeSee Summit

Pete Daffern at ForeSee Summit

I sat down with CEO Pete Daffern to find out what about the ForeSee Summit he’s most looking forward to, and what people can expect from the event. Before you... More

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A Conversation with Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash About the Client’s Journey

With ForeSee’s leadership team presenting at Summit, we wanted to sit down with Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash, to get some insight into what he’ll be talking about. Lenny, this... More

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Ahead of Summit, A Chat With ForeSee CEO Pete Daffern

The entire team at ForeSee is excited for what’s ahead at this year’s Summit, but no one more than CEO Pete Daffern, who will discuss the new customer experience imperatives... More

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