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Here’s how retailers can meet Gen Z’s CX expectations –

Generation Z Shoppers

There’s a new demographic shaking up the retail status quo: Generation Z. Also known as post-millennials or the i-generation, this group, born after 1995, comprises more than one-quarter of the U.S. population and contributes over $44 billion to the American economy, according to a recent study. More

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3 lessons on the importance of CX measurement from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

Customer Experience Measurement

The concept of Customer Experience (CX) for many is still associated with old adages like “the customer is always right,” but that’s been changing for a decade now. And over the next few years, you’re likely to hear CX measurement and CX Intelligence much more frequently as businesses become aware of things that business leaders like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has known from the start. More

Digital Contribution Champion: Home Depot leads when it comes to BOPIS

BOPIS Digital Contribution Measurement

Any company interested in strengthening a strategy for BOPIS, or Buy Online, Pickup In Store, will need to ditch traditional conversion metrics in favor of measuring digital contribution. More

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ForeSee reports record revenue

ForeSee Summit 2017 Stage

We’re kicking off our 11th annual ForeSee Summit in Phoenix, Arizona with some great news — today we announced record revenue in 2016 and the 16th consecutive year of growth... More

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Unlocking ForeSee Summit Roundtables: What you need to know

ForeSee Summit Roundtables

If you’re attending the ForeSee Summit this week, it’s likely that at least some of your biggest aha moments will happen outside of conference sessions via insights and experiences shared... More

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