January 15, 2018 | The XM Blog

2018 Retail CX Insight Report examines key trends and data helping drive the retail renaissance


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FXI Retail Insights

Today we’re pleased to announce the release of the 2018 Retail Customer Experience (CX) Insights report, our annual research study that examines key trends and data that are driving the retail renaissance — based on survey data from over 40,000 shoppers across their store, web, and mobile experiences. We unveiled the full report at the  NRF: Retail’s BIG Show, during a session packed with retailers that want to learn more about competing and winning on customer experience.

The data behind ForeSee’s Retail CX Insights makes clear that a new retail model is taking shape — one in which stores function as the fulfillment centers for their digital counterparts, and shoppers move fluidly between channels as they research, browse, and buy. In fact, 25% of shoppers that start in store check-out a digital channel during their buyer journey, while 35% that start in a digital channel go to a store during their purchase process, according to the ForeSee study.

Download the complete ForeSee Experience Index: Retail CX Insights report now.

Some key findings in the report include:

  • Only 6% of shoppers selected an item primarily because of price vs. retailer preference.
  • Nearly 45% of buyers across channels say their most recent purchase was driven mostly by retailer preference.
  • More than 75% say they shop at a preferred set of retailers, regardless of prices.
  • Overall environment and experience, and findability rank as the top priorities for both in-store and digital purchasers.

The report also takes an up-close look at customer experience findings for Amazon, Apple, Tractor Supply, and Williams Sonoma, who each ranked top in omnichannel, store, web, and mobile respectively in the Retail CX Rankings released last month.

Download the complete ForeSee Experience Index: Retail CX Insights and the companion report Retail CX Rankings now.

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