November 15, 2017 | The XM Blog

3 key CX factors Auto Trader U.K. improved to increase NPS


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Boosting NPS

While Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a reliable KPI to track customer loyalty, it falls short when it comes to providing information about how or what to improve. Getting those sorts of actionable insights requires measuring customer experience with a mature Voice of Customer solution, which can in turn help you boost NPS.

For instance, leading U.K. online automobile marketplace Auto Trader found that NPS alone didn’t allow the company to understand how the specific elements of its product/service ( affected customer experience overall. It needed a method to better understand issues as they arose, and one that could deliver on three key factors:

Identifying the problem — Finding problems, issues, and areas of improvement takes time to identify. The longer it takes to find problems, the longer it is to assess them and place them in the queue to be processed. For business professionals, knowing all the issues across your product that should be addressed leads to a more reliable strategy that isn’t affected by unseen issues mid-way through execution.

Prioritizing — Being able to understand how to prioritize issues that arise is the most effective  way to tackle strategic and tactical improvements.

Impact on satisfaction — Finally, having the ability to understand the impact each element of your product has on the overall experience can inform your decisions by making sure you’re aware of the biggest areas that matter to customers.

Auto Trader tapped ForeSee to help improve its customer experience because our rigorous methodology and single VOC solution, ForeSee CX Suite, delivers on those three factors. Auto Trader CX improvements also led to a 42% increase to its NPS score! If you’d like to hear more about the company’s CX success translating to business success, as well as how it was able to socialize CX data throughout the company, watch our webinar with Auto Trader Digital Analyst Agnes Altmets.

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