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4 questions with TUI about how VoC gives them a competitive advantage


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Voice Of Customer Leaders

Niya Noneva is a customer experience advocate for TUI Group, a vacation and travel booking company based in Europe, who recently sat down with ForeSee to talk about the value of CX and why Voice of Customer (VOC) gives her company an advantage over its competitors. TUI serves over 30 million customers, who are able to book a variety of travel and vacation services on its platform.

In her role as TUI Senior Digital Optimisation Analyst, she explained how measuring customer experience helped clarify the customer’s voice, which allowed for improvements in other areas of the business.  [And, make sure to check out ForeSee’s interview with Niya in the video embedded below.]

Why is it important for your company to measure customer experience?

Niya: It is important for a company to measure customer experience because you can sometimes get lost in the other KPIs, such as the sales and the financial side of the business. But really understanding what the experience is on your website, and what the overall satisfaction is with the purchase following the actual booking of a holiday, makes you focus on the important parts of the customer and really retain them.

In our industry it is important to retain your customers and make sure they are going to come back with a visit in the next year and again, and again. This process is very much facilitated by understanding what went wrong and getting a qualitative view rather than just looking at the numbers and focusing on the quantitative.

Why specifically have you chosen ForeSee to help measure customer experience?

I think ForeSee is the right tool for us to measure customer experience because it’s quite scientific and algorithmic. I have looked at other tools as well but [ForeSee] is actually a solid way of understanding the future behaviors that come from satisfaction. And I feel like this is ForeSee’s biggest benefit.

You get a good understanding of what impacts what, rather than just inferring things on your own. It shows you exactly what areas to focus on and scientifically brings forward the most important area of your business to invest in.

You wouldn’t run any other part of your business—such as finance, supply chain or sales—without reliable data to support those business decisions. Why is it important for you to measure customer experience with certainty?

Yes, it is important to measure customer experience with certainty. For TUI, what helps us is to understand the priority of all the new developments that we have. In order to set that priority, we need that solid, rigid data to get across to our higher management and to everyone around the business.

Why it is so important? Getting that data is facilitated by the voice of customer when we are trying to focus our investment and get the ROI out of it from new developments.

Can you share with us a story about how measuring customer experience with ForeSee has helped your company?

Measuring customer experience is always considered something good by people in the company, but understanding why it is so beneficial might be quite hard for some. Once I sold the value of it, I was able to communicate better to my business through the results of one of our optimization programs.

We had A/B tests where we showed two different variants of a page, and I was able to add in customer satisfaction as a key KPI. So, it wasn’t determining the success of the test only through our normal analytics data, it was also the move in customer satisfaction that we achieved that helped us decide it had been a successful test.

For more CX best practices and client success stories, check out our collection of ForeSee Case Studies today.

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