November 09, 2017 | The XM Blog

A 5-step model for CX excellence in energy and utilities (report)


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Energy CX

As energy and utility providers face technology and market disruptions, they are increasingly looking to customer experience (CX) as a way to meet rising expectations, drive efficiency and agility, and unlock new revenue streams.

But without the right metrics, prioritization insights, and organization-wide support, the push for improved customer experience is coming up short. That’s the basis for our latest e-book, A 5-Step Model for CX Excellence in Energy and Utilities.

Energy & Utilities CX E-Book

Download the Energy and Utility e‑book to learn more about our 5-Step Model for CX Excellence.

The e-book is based on interviews we conducted with several energy and utility companies in the U.S — both regulated and deregulated. We combined what we learned in those interviews with our own analysis and years of work in the energy and utility industry to create the recommendations and insights included.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The new pressures mounting for energy and utilities providers
  • New opportunities that arrive from a focus on CX — for both regulated and deregulated providers
  • A five-step model for creating a Voice of Customer (VOC) culture across any organization
  • Case studies about how both DTE Energy and Stream Energy boosted customer experience and reduced cost

To learn more, download the new energy and utilities e-book now or contact us for a custom briefing.

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As a pioneer in customer experience analytics, Verint delivers superior technology and proven methodology to connect the customer experience to the bottom line. The result is better business for companies and a better experience for consumers.

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