November 05, 2018 | Eli Grant

A-11 and Prioritizing the Customer Experience: it’s Faster with ForeSee 


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Earlier this year, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) introduced a directive for high-impact agencies to focus on the customer experience and make measured improvements by listening to the voice of customer. As a leader and innovator in federal government customer experience, ForeSee has helped federal agencies keep costs lowimprove digital self-service, and guide website improvements using CX — so we’re already well-positioned to assist agencies with A-11 compliance. Plus, with our OMB clearance, we can get new citizen surveys running within weeks, and update existing surveys within days. 

Officially called OMB Circular A-11 Section 280, “Managing Customer Experience and Improving Service Delivery” puts customers’ expectations and experiences front-and-center. We see A-11 as a welcome addition to a robust voice of customer strategy:   

  • Transactional: Whether searching a website or purchasing a National Parks pass, a singular experience can be measured and improved. Existing ForeSee clients can add A-11 questions in as little as three days – so why wait for deadlines? Even non-HISP agencies can improve and measure against CX benchmark data
  • Journey: More complex actions often require multiple interactions, and it’s important to see where you excel and where you can improve. Our dashboards, anomaly detection, and feedback, along with the full CX Suite, allow you to see how well your journeys serve customers in real time.
  • RelationshipAll of these interactions – online, in-location, with a call center, and beyond – influence a customer’s perception of your agency, and it’s important to understand how that perception changes over time. Our customer relationship measures provide visibility into your customers’ overall perception of your agency and what’s driving it. 

If an agency is measuring all touchpoints, identifying the highest-impact customer journeys becomes very possible. With ForeSee’s scientific model, we can predict exactly which improvements will have the highest impact on customer satisfaction — which means you won’t waste time, money, or resources trying to identify the right touchpoint to improve.  

Learn more about how customer experience measurement can help you drive better outcomes and transform the citizen experience. Download our new overview on fast tracking citizen surveys and measurement, or get in touch!

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Eli Grant is Director of Public Sector at ForeSee, working with the federal government and non-profits to effectively capture voice of customer and provide data and insights to improve experiences across the customer journey.

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