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Ad-ventures in Media and Entertainment Mobile Experiences


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Are advertisements on mobile sites and apps a necessary evil? Or, are they just plain necessary?

Many of the companies measured in the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index Media and Entertainment Edition (2013), released last week, are beholden to the advertising world for revenue, and we hear a lot about how important it is to serve the advertiser. Of course, some services are subscription-based while others are subsidized. Regardless of the business model, these companies need to keep in mind that their greatest responsibility is to their customers. Without them–and without providing satisfying mobile experiences–there will be no need for advertisers.

In the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index Media and Entertainment Edition (2013), visitors to the mobile sites and apps measured in the study do not seem to think ads are as evil as one would expect. A majority (56%) of visitors reported that they either did not pay attention to the ads or did not notice the ads on the mobile site or app they were using, and 32% of visitors reported that they either frequently look at ads or have clicked on ads on the mobile site or app they were on and reported a satisfaction score of 81. Even 17% of respondents reported that some of the ads were actually relevant to their interests, posting a satisfaction score of 80.

Only 15% of respondents in this study agreed that ads interfered with their mobile experiences, and this is reflected in their satisfaction score of 73. Conversely, there was a similar number of respondents (13%) who reported their mobile experiences being enhanced by the advertisements on the site or app in use. This group scored the highest satisfaction score of 83.

While advertising is a key component in the business model for most of the mobile sites and apps in this report, the ForeSee scientific model shows 100% of streaming mobile sites and apps could improve satisfaction (and in the long run their bottom line) by concentrating their efforts and resources on improving site or app performance. Almost all (90%) news mobile sites and apps would fare better if they made improvements to the information they provide, while sports mobile sites and apps should consider both functionality and information if they want to earn more loyal and engaged customers.

Elements of the Mobile Custoemr Experience

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In order to make the necessary enhancements that will drive loyalty, recommendations, and increased engagement with both content and advertising, business leaders need to consistently and continuously measure the customer experience.

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