Adobe and ForeSee team up for deep customer insights on both attitudes and behavior

Adobe ForeSee Integration

Great news for those utilizing services and tools within Adobe Experience Cloud: ForeSee is now a Business-level Partner to Adobe, which includes deeper integrations between ForeSee data and Adobe Cloud technologies.

Launched in March, the Adobe Experience Cloud offers a variety of services comprised of Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Advertising Cloud, and Adobe Analytics Cloud. It’s used by a large number of leading businesses, including hundreds of ForeSee clients. The expanded partnership between ForeSee and Adobe also means that customers of both companies can now get an integrated view of ForeSee’s customer experience (CX) analytics within Adobe Analytics and other Adobe products.

ForeSee clients can now get a greater understanding of the intersection of customer attitudes and behaviors via deeply integrated metrics. We want these integrations to be as useful and actionable as possible to enhance the kind of visitor profiling that drives smart, profitable business decisions.

More specifically, ForeSee’s integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud allows business leaders to:

  • Understand why visitors are leaving a website
  • Optimize the digital experience by understanding visitors in the context of both CX scores and behavioral profile analytics
  • Predict the impact of product messaging and marketing on desired customer behavior
  • Predict the impact of various changes to the digital experience on CX scores and future behaviors
  • Identify and prioritize improvements that will have the greatest impact on desired visitor behavior

We’re excited about our expanded partnership with Adobe because ForeSee clients now have an even greater ability to parse through customer data to prioritize the right improvements, with certainty.

Learn more about the integration by downloading our Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution Sheet, or visit the integration page on our website.


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