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Ahead of Summit, A Chat With ForeSee CEO Pete Daffern


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The entire team at ForeSee is excited for what’s ahead at this year’s Summit, but no one more than CEO Pete Daffern, who will discuss the new customer experience imperatives and provide an important ForeSee business update.

Ahead of his Summit presentation (May 4 at 10:15 a.m.), we decided to sit down with Pete to find out a bit more about what to expect.

So Pete, as this is your first ForeSee Summit, what are your thoughts on how everything is coming together?

Well, first let me say that it’s incredible that this will be the tenth year ForeSee has held its client Summit, and if what I’ve observed is any indication those in attendance are in for a real treat. We’re busy putting the final touches together to make this the best one yet — from the product workshops to the client presentations to our own team laying out just how we’ll continue making CX the biggest competitive advantage for our clients.

Speaking of the ForeSee team, you’ll be kicking off a presentation on stage with them on the first official day of Summit. Can you give us some idea what to expect?

Indeed, I am! There’s a lot of talk about how CX drives success, but even so, 71 percent of CX professionals say they struggle to get the customer experience right. ForeSee’s mantra is “CX with Certainty,” which means that — with the help of our technology and services — our clients know where investments and changes to CX initiatives will have the biggest impact before they make them. You wouldn’t run any other part of your business without being certain that the decisions you were making were correct, so it’s just common sense that you’d do the same when making changes to the experience your customers have.

How about the others joining you during the presentation?

I’ll be sharing the stage with Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash, who will walk us through the market trends our clients are facing and outline our product roadmap. Kaj Van de Loo, our VP of Engineering, will give an exclusive preview of the new ForeSee CX Suite, a complete, cloud-based platform for managing all your CX initiatives. It’s beautiful, and built with a range of business professionals in mind — executives, analysts, and managers. And EVP Don Morrison will give a fascinating trend report on the latest data culled from our 175 million benchmarked experiences so that our clients can know exactly how they’re doing in comparison to broader industry trends.

So is the CX Suite preview the thing you’re most excited about for Summit?

Believe me when I say it’s very exciting and we can’t wait to show it off for the first time at Summit. But no, I would have to say the thing I’m most excited about — what is most rewarding for me — is connecting with our clients in person and discussing how they’re measuring and improving their customer experiences. And, Summit is the one time each year when our clients get to connect with and learn from each other. That’s our mission at Summit – to create an environment where our clients get to connect with each other and with the ForeSee team, ultimately to create better connections with their customers.

You haven’t even gotten to the incredible group of speakers we’ve lined up.

Very true, Tom. We have presentations from 25 of our clients — NASDAQ, Humana, Wells Fargo, USPS, and rue21 to name just a few. And also, we’re thrilled to have renowned writer and thinker Adam Grant keynote this year’s event. I’ve said this before, but his new book Originals is a rallying cry for rethinking what’s possible. I connect this to the work that we’re doing together with our clients to reimagine customer experience through the eyes of customers.

Want an overview of what to expect at the event? Be sure to read our post on getting psyched for Summit!

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