August 12, 2019 | Bharat Shrinevas

It’s Here: Anomaly Detection for ForeSee CX Suite


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A virtual CX analyst that detects sudden changes in CX performance and speeds resolution   

Customers interact with your brand across multiple channels, both online and offline. ForeSee helps measure CX across these interactions. But how can you monitor changes in CX around the clock? How can you capture and analyze feedback, monitor dips and surges to CX metrics in real time, and connect that data to possible causes? It wasn’t possible, until now:

  • Imagine being automatically alerted via text to a change in navigation score on your mobile site.
  • Or picture narrowing down a root cause in minutes thanks to an analysis engine that quickly analyzes thousands of data combinations—a task that usually takes weeks.

Those are just two of many business-changing scenarios made possible by Anomaly Detection, now part of ForeSee CX Suite.

Always be analyzing—with AI and machine learning algorithms

Continually running behind the scenes, ForeSee Anomaly Detection does the analysis work for you, monitoring digital, call center, and in-store customer-experience metrics for sudden changes based on past and predicted performance.

“There’s a discipline in being an analyst. You look at your data daily and check to see what happened yesterday. Anomaly Detection removes the requirement of always having your eyes on your data. It’s going to reduce time and effort in looking for those outliers.” –Head of Digital Insights Delivery, Electrical Components Supplier

Here’s how it works:

  • Set monitoring for significant CX changes. Set alerts for your key customer segments to monitor metrics on NPS, CSAT, driver scores, and more.
  • Receive alerts through CX Suite, email, or text, so you know instantly if there are positive or negative developments
  • Get a head start on resolution. You’ll see the top causes for any anomaly, giving your team vital insight and speeding fixes for customers.

Anomaly Detection brings new AI and machine learning capabilities to CX Suite, allowing you to surface previously undetected or sudden changes in CX performance. Ready to see how this can help your business? Read the full solution sheet orcontact us for more details or to receive a 30-day free trial.

About the Author

Bharat Shrinevas is the Director of Product Management at Verint ForeSee responsible for platform intelligence and automation. He has a deep background in engineering and product management and is inspired to help customers drive business impact through the use of AI technologies.

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