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APP-etite for Success


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I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about how great our clients are. What makes them so great is that they get it. They totally get it. They understand the value of measuring the customer experience and recognize the impact a satisfied customer has on their company. Survival in this multi-channel, multi-device world ruled by the consumer and their mobile devices is determined by a company’s ability to understand their customers’ wants, needs, and expectations.

This brings me to a client of ours that, like many media companies out there, provides opportunities for their audience to watch their favorite programming on a mobile device through an app. The company wasn’t certain how their mobile experience was measuring up in the eyes of their viewers or how they could leverage this rapidly growing touch point to increase consumer reach and frequency and engagement. Further, their advertisers were wondering if it was worth it for them to advertise there. They needed proof that these users had a great appetite to not only consume content but engage with advertising.

ForeSee measures the in-app customer experence for iPads and other mobile devicesWhile they could count downloads and track the millions of video streams viewed, the media giant eventually realized that behavioral data alone wasn’t capturing the information needed to truly help them understand who was using their mobile app – and ultimately the impact the experience was having on customer engagement, on brand affinity, on social media shares, on broadcast tune-in. So, they did the best thing right now for mobile measure-ers, they employed a precise, reliable, accurate, valid, sensitive, and actionable measurement technology.

ForeSee’s unique in-app mobile satisfaction measurement collected feedback from users during their iPad and other tablet experiences – not days, weeks, or months after when the experience is fading from the consumers’ minds. Our survey’s intuitive touch, swipe, and tap functionality aligns with the experience itself, allowing the company to achieve nearly double the response rate of traditional web surveys.

The predictive nature of the analytics allowed the media company to see how small changes could have a big impact on users’ future behaviors such as likelihood to continue using the app, recommend, view programming through another channel (on broadcast TV, online), and engage with advertisers.

Cannibalization is an oft-talked about subject when content is available in-app or online. Does it cannibalize broadcast viewership? In fact, the data revealed a large segment of consumers who were using the app as a content discovery vehicle – viewing programming for the first time. This insight allowed the media company to discuss improvements that would encourage viewers to return to view more programming and in turn support the advertising value of the app.

While the overall user experience was quite strong, seeing how powerful the customer satisfaction data can be made the company hungry for more enhancements that would help them stay ahead of the curve and make the experience easier for viewers. They decided to take the initial analysis a step further and ran a ForeSee Usability Audit to assess the mobile app and provide recommendations for improvement based on mobile best practices. These actionable insights helped increase the company’s reach by encouraging the discovery of new programming for both new and existing users. Increased reach, increased frequency, increased engagement – sounds like a job well done from our ace Client Services team! It also just so happens that these clients are super cool and super fun to work with, too!

This is great example of a company that truly understands the importance of  measuring the mobile experience. I know, I know, it’s a lot to digest, but it’s good food for thought as you plan or begin implementing your digital strategy.  Go beyond behavioral metrics and start measuring the attitudinal mobile experience and satisfaction of YOUR customers and decide what their wants, needs and expectations are. That is a good start and extremely crucial in today’s world where more and more people are not just using mobile, but using mobile first and alongside their engagement with companies.

They had an “APP-etite” for success…think of behavioral metrics as the appetizer and the customer satisfaction as the main course, the sustenance that gets you to dessert – your delicious return on investment.

So, who’s hungry?

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