July 05, 2017 | The ForeSee Blog

How Auto Trader boosted NPS scores 42% with ForeSee CX measurement


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Automotive CX

As the largest digital automotive marketplace in the U.K., Auto Trader relies on keeping potential customers actively engaged and highly satisfied when visiting its digital channels – making a good customer experience a necessity. The company had used Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure and improve the customer experience (CX), but found that the metric alone didn’t offer enough actionable information.

Auto Trader ForeSee Case Study

Learn how Auto Trader successfully paired ForeSee CX insights with internal data to win.

Auto Trader turned to ForeSee for a more effective method of measuring customer experiences – one that offers valuable insights to help prioritize CX investments, predict business impacts, guide decision-making, and profit from customer feedback.

And in our latest Client Case Study, Auto Trader discusses how socializing CX data from ForeSee throughout the organization resulted in an increase to overall customer satisfaction and a 42% boost to its NPS score.

“Using ForeSee data and methodology, we were able to challenge the status quo and balance user needs with revenue, leading to long-term satisfaction and growth,” said Nick Gee, Audience and Brand Director for Auto Trader. “ForeSee gives us a scientific method of identifying and quantifying the factors that matter the most to consumers.”

To learn more about how ForeSee can help your company boost NPS scores and achieve business goals, download the Auto Trader Case Study.

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