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BANG! POW! BAM! SessionReplay Saves the Day


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We talk a lot about the Super Consumer around here, with their powerful voices, acute and refined hearing, cloning abilities, and unlimited knowledge. It’s all true – they’re out there and they mean business.  And, to top it off, they’re just a chiseled physique and a can of Shark Repellant away from a being considered real super heroes.

Sometimes we forget to mention our own super capabilities, not to mention our understated charm and ability to help those in need. We at ForeSee are here to harness the powers of the Super Consumer for the good of all mankind. It’s true. Really.

ForeSee cxReplay The villains, or problems, businesses face are mostly ones that, unfortunately, stem from their own creations. Problems with website functionality, poor in-store service, lagging mobile optimized sites, feeble social media presence . . . and the list goes on.

One of the biggest issues that any e-commerce or e-retailer deals with is pricing – the Kingpin of all problems, right? The price is never right regardless of how low it is. Most of the time, from the consumer’s perspective, the price is either too high or too hard to find. Regardless of which questions you ask your customers the answers aren’t always cut and dry. However, while a “difficult to find pricing” response on a survey doesn’t appear to say a whole lot, it can actually speak volumes.

In one of our client’s cases, the voice of customer was loud but the message wasn’t very clear. The company’s vice president of e-commerce operations discovered that close to 500 site visitors a month were looking everywhere on the site for pricing information except where the company intended them to.  Even worse, he knew a problem like that is usually a lot more severe since those who actually voiced their opinion are only a small fraction of the visitors who are actually suffering from the problem. Luckily his utility belt was already stocked with powerful ForeSee devices and he had a host of data ninjas to back him up if needed.

ForeSee cxReplay Customer ExperienceWith ForeSee technologies such as SessionReplay with Heat Mapping capabilities, company leaders could finally add clarity and context to otherwise vague survey statements.  With SessionReplay, the company’s analysts visually recreated the  experiences of visitors who stated they were having difficulty locating pricing information. From watching the replays, the team could see exactly where these visitors were looking and, more importantly, where they weren’t looking for price information. It’s like having X-Ray vision and being able to see the ticking time bomb hidden in the stairwell.

Through these invaluable insights created by SessionReplay, the company improved its pricing content by increasing its price messaging.  Now, when a visitor is looking at a specific item, they immediately see information about how to get pricing with added “see prices” and “add to cart to see price” links.

Additionally, the team witnessed a countless number of people scroll past the preexisting “prices” link without taking action on it when it was clearly what they were attempting to achieve. The link was there, but completely hidden to the visitor. What seems like an insignificant change – enhancing link colors to make them more visible – has made a significant difference.

ForeSee CX Replay Web MobileAs a result, the number of visitors reporting difficulty in finding pricing reduced dramatically.  In fact, “difficult to find pricing” used to be the site’s number-one customer issue. After using ForeSee’s SessionReplay and making a few minor, inexpensive changes, it’s now fifth or sixth on the list.

The company has since called SessionReplay and Heat Mapping into action to solve an additional host of problems such as product information discrepancies, page errors, fields on forms not accepting input, and identifying specific interactions that cause site errors. And they use the Priority Map in ForeSee’s Advanced Analytics Portal to manage the mountains of data they gather to target priorities that will continue providing a consistent and positive customer experience for the website’s members and visitors.

As they say in one comic book or another: with great power comes great responsibility. It’s true that consumers wield great power in today’s multi-channel, multi-device world.  But so do businesses. If you listen to your consumers’ powerful voices, cater to their expectations, and manage them responsibly and consistently, you’re making the world a better place, one customer experience at a time.

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