February 08, 2018 | Karaline Venezia

For banks, and elsewhere, the customer journey is at the heart of the customer experience

Last week, an article in American Banker took a closer look at the art and science of customer journey mapping. The head of innovation and customer journeys for Bank of the West put it best when he said his bank strives to “map out the entire customer experience across all the touchpoints between the customer and the bank, putting the customer’s needs at the heart of what we’re focused on delivering.”

At ForeSee, we couldn’t agree more: the customer journey is at the heart of the customer experience. A good customer experience creates loyal customers who return to use your services. That means you need to know how to improve all the moving parts.

But how? Banks can remove friction from the customer experience by measuring the drivers of satisfaction at every touchpoint along that journey. Our report, ForeSee Experience Index: Banking, discusses how to best measure and analyze the customer banking journey. Consider this: nearly two-thirds (61%) of customers start their journey in a digital channel (desktop and mobile web) when opening a new account, yet more than half of those customers (59%) end up finishing at a branch location. Imagine the improvements you could make when armed with your bank’s specific insights — and how those changes could simplify your customer’s journey.

Check out more insights in our recent webinar with Comerica’s Senior Vice President of eBanking at Comerica Bank, on how they have worked with ForeSee to embrace an integrated Voice of Customer (VOC) program to collect, measure, and act on customer feedback.

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