Better Together: NPS® and CSAT

ForeSee® helps you measure and act on both metrics for more insight, more advantage

If your business is still taking sides in the NPS/customer satisfaction (CSAT) debate, you’re missing out on a complete customer experience picture. As organizational alignment around CX grows in every industry, and as the evidence mounts that good CX drives economic impact, more companies are leveraging both NPS and CSAT.

That’s a smart strategy because your business environment is anything but simple: Customers use digital and in-store resources. Consume brand content and personal recommendations. And their expectations are increasing. And competitors are bringing new ideas and new services to market.

It’s an “and” world. With our new CX Suite℠ release, you can gain insight from this complexity using a combination of broad and deep customer analytics: The addition of NPS with predictive drivers allows you to analyze both Net Promoter Score℠ and CSAT, and link improvements to outcomes.

NPS and CSAT: Complementary metrics that bookend the experience

Using both NPS and CSAT allows you to understand experiences from both ends of the spectrum and everything in between.

CSAT is an upstream measurement, one that pulls your CX instrument ahead of customers’ eventual willingness to recommend or not recommend. CSAT measures satisfaction on particular interactions, on a continuous basis, and at various touchpoints. It’s also flexible and customizable, allowing you to ask channel- or business-specific questions. This is helpful if you’re tracking and evaluating changes to a specific channel, like a website or call center, as it provides moment-in-time data. Its ability to collect verbatim or text-based answers is another advantage.

NPS is a great downstream metric, allowing you to assess the outcome of many brand experiences. Composed of a single question—“On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”—NPS is about more than single experiences. It’s about the relationship, the customer’s collective experiences of the brand, and their willingness to influence other people and send you new customers.

So, in other words, this is how the two drive a complete CX strategy:

  • CSAT is a loyalty metric that helps you retain and upsell to customers based on experiences
  • NPS is a word-of-mouth metric that helps you gain new customers based on long-term trust

NPS with predictive drivers

It’s a complex world. Measuring and improving NPS and CSAT will allow you to understand and stay connected to your customers and turn shoppers into buyers. Together, these two metrics give you the comprehensive insight you need to quantify and improve CX, and link those improvements to desired business outcomes.

Learn more about NPS with predictive drivers now available in ForeSee CX Suite.

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