Betting the Farm on CX: Tractor Supply featured for its winning online experience

The National Retail Federation recently highlighted Tractor Supply’s winning customer experience and top spot in the annual ForeSee Retail CX Rankings report.

In the interview, SVP and CIO Rob Mills discusses the importance of the unified shopping experience, saying “One of our core strategies is something we call ‘One Tractor,’ and it’s essentially where the customer can shop anywhere, anytime, anyhow they want — it could be online, in-store presence, mobile, etc. It could be making sure that we’re consistent with our messaging across the different platforms. [We try to] really drive a channel-agnostic kind of shopping experience with that customer and make it very seamless.”

More insights on how companies like Tractor Supply are calibrated with the needs and expectations of their customers can be found in the companion ForeSee Retail CX Insights report here.

You can also read the full post and watch the podcast with Rob Bill on NRF’s blog.


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