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What Record Mobile Data Usage Means For CX Strategies


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Mobile Data Usage

Last year was the first time the growth in sales of smartphones dipped under 10 percent, which on the surface may indicate that mobile usage is beginning to slow. However, nothing can be farther from the truth.

While smartphone units might be down in 2015, mobile data consumption is continuing to climb. In the U.S. alone, 9.6 trillion megabytes of data was used compared to just 4.1 trillion megabytes in 2014, according to the latest annual report from wireless industry trade group CTIA. Also interesting, the report shows that the number of minutes spent talking on the phone, as well as text messages sent, remained nearly unchanged.

The easy takeaway from these stats is that consumers are spending more of their time within mobile websites and apps. Knowing that people use mobile phones and tablets to research, shop, compare products, and read and write reviews, a great mobile CX is essential. If your current customer experience strategy doesn’t include a serious emphasis on mobile, and understanding how it impacts other channels, now may be a great time to reassess.

Interested in delving deeper? Download the ForeSee whitepaper Keeping Pace with Mobile, which offers five tips and other considerations for creating a better mobile experience.

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