October 04, 2018 | The XM Blog

A Bright Spot for Utilities: Mobile Saves Providers Millions


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Mobile services built on high-performing CX reward providers and consumers

The mobile customer journey for utility consumers is ripe for optimization. Consumers in every industry want speed, convenience, and power—and businesses are using mobile to meet those needs. Utility consumers are no different, and providers need to keep up.

Our new infographic shows that utility consumers are eager for mobile engagement with their providers. They’re looking for mobile tools that help them complete tasks like bill pay and outage reporting—but many providers are struggling to give their customers services that meet their needs:

When providers deliver the kinds of tools and services their consumers are looking for, they’re finding big opportunities for cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction:

  • Analysis of bill pay and outage reporting practices shows that leveraging mobile CX to decrease call center volume can lead to a potential average savings of $6 MILLION a year, per provider
  • Satisfaction with mobile outage reporting is 8 percentage points higher than call center reporting

Providers that put customer experience at the heart of their mobile initiatives are reaping financial rewards—and delivering on a vital consumer need.

Download the full infographic here. If you’re ready to learn how your organization can save millions by optimizing the mobile customer journey, contact us today.

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