April 22, 2013 | Eric Head

Can Predictive Analytics Help Retailers Dodge a J.C. Penney-Style Debacle?


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Barbara Thau of Forbes Magazine has a column today about how ForeSee’s predictive analytics help retailers like Perry Ellis, NFLShop.com, and Hickory Farms improve the customer experience and, as a result, the bottom line. The three examples highlighted in this article are just a few of the hundreds of retailers we work with across channels and around the world. An excerpt from the article:

. . . retailers are increasingly turning to ForeSee for its predictive analytics capabilities.

Forbes article on ForeSeeThe company conducts customer satisfaction surveys for retailers, the results of which are fed into ForeSee’s statistical engine to forecast what changes to the in-store experience will fly (or flop) with shoppers before those tweaks are actually made. . .

Predictive analytics stands in stark contrast to how retailers typically test changes to their business: by trial and error.

Check out the article here.

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Eric joined ForeSee at its inception in 2001 and today leads new business efforts for the company. During his tenure, he has been a central figure in establishing the ForeSee sales engine, building the company’s core base of clients, building the company’s presence in the UK and Europe, and developing strategic partnerships. Eric also introduced ForeSee’s offline business including Store and Contact Center channels and is a frequent speaker on customer experience measurement. He earned a B.S. degree (Marketing) from Miami University and an MBA (Strategy & Marketing) from the University of Michigan.

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