February 24, 2016 | The ForeSee Blog

Case Study: ForeSee Connects T-Mobile to Multichannel Voice of Customer


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Your customers don’t stick to one contact channel. Neither can your customer experience analytics. That’s why T-Mobile partners with ForeSee to capture Voice of Customer across its web, mobile and telesales channels. Learn how T-Mobile makes decisions based on multichannel customer insights in this customer experience measurement case study.

Regardless of your business, you probably share a challenge with T-Mobile: the need to evolve. Over its 10-year partnership with ForeSee, T-Mobile has managed to stay one step ahead of its customers. How? By evolving its customer experience analytics to:

  • Measure the entire customer purchase lifecycle: T-Mobile captures voice of customer throughout the purchase lifecycle to understand how channels work together and where conversions fall off. “For the first time, we can see the whole customer landscape.”
  • Socialize the data internally: T-Mobile’s category managers, tech team and marketers started to pay attention to the data when they began to get the customer insights they needed to make positive changes. “ForeSee makes it easy for us to share customer insights so we can take action.”
  • Use all available tools: Adding cxReplay to its toolkit gave T-Mobile visible evidence of how customers struggled to complete tasks to remedy the problems. “The evidence forces us not only to accept, but to fix, issues negatively impacting the customer experience and sales.”

To learn more about how T-Mobile uses multichannel customer insights to improve customer experience and drive sales, download this case study today.

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