June 14, 2018 |

How The Public Sector Competes and Wins on Customer Experience (CX)

We’re writing to you fresh from of our annual CX Forum on June 13, and couldn’t be more invigorated about how federal agencies, higher ed and nonprofits are all dedicated... Read More

April 26, 2018 |

Data-Driven Design Series, Part V: Post-Design Validation

By designing with data at every point of the process, you will be far ahead of the game in achieving a strong and successful redesign launch. In previous phases, you've set the stage by laying out your goals and desired user and business outcomes and gathered data to gain a solid understanding of your users. Once the data is in, where do you go from there? Read More

April 12, 2018 |

Who’s Winning on Retail NPS? Our New Report Ranks 50 Leading Brands

There’s a lot riding on your Net Promoter Score℠: It’s a closely watched KPI that drives retail strategies and influences how your brand invests its resources. Just out today, the... Read More

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March 30, 2018 |

Data-Driven Design Series, Part IV: Predictive User Testing

Stop guessing and start knowing: A successful site design, at its core, ensures its users can effortlessly complete the tasks they've set out to accomplish. When following a Voice of Customer (VOC) data-driven approach, user feedback, combined with our predictive methodology, can not only tell you if a design works, but can help you quantify the effect of the change on your user. Read More

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March 20, 2018 |

Data-Driven Design Series, Part III: Pre-Design Analysis

Design with intention: Finding and Keeping What Works The previous post in our series examined the importance of attitudinal data and creating a detailed test plan based on user-centered KPIs. Here... Read More

March 2, 2018 |

Three Quick Wins Retailers Can Implement Right Now Based on Global CX Trends

Retailers have a lot on their plates in 2018: fending off the impending retail apocalypse (which isn’t what most people think it is), improving NPS, and prioritizing information amid cacophony... Read More

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