August 25, 2016 | The XM Blog

CMSWire: ‘5 Ways to Turn Customer Experience Data into Dollars’


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The following excerpt comes from the latest article written by ForeSee Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash, published on customer experience publication CMSWire.

For most companies, there is no shortage of tools and services available to track customer experience.

There are plenty of options for creating custom customer surveys, an ever increasing number of platforms tracking social media brand engagement, and many services for recording the behavior of digital customers while on ads, websites or apps.

And yet, many companies still cannot figure out how to use all of those tools to improve the bottom line — although no one denies customer experience measurement can give their company a competitive advantage.

To get the most out of your customer experience data, you need to make sure you’re developing a strategy with the follow five steps in mind…

Read the full article on CMSWire.

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