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Customer Case Files: Diagnosing the Customer Experience


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There has been a lot of news lately about our country’s healthcare system.  Regardless of the politics involved, one thing is clear: healthcare in this country is a complex business, and there are no signs that it is going to get any easier to navigate.   From finding the right provider, to trying to get an appointment in a reasonable time frame, to the insurance and billing process, it’s not always the most customer-friendly experience.

However, hospitals and healthcare organizations are working hard to make it easier for patients.  Many are turning to ForeSee’s customer experience analytics to help them improve how they serve their patients through their websites, contact centers, mobile experiences, and even to measure how customers interact with and view their brand overall.

The ForeSee Blog Customer Experience Case FilesTake for example one of our large hospital clients.  Initially they were interested in obtaining a clear picture of who is coming to the site, what they were hoping to accomplish, and how well the site was meeting those needs.  ForeSee data helped identify that visitors who were coming to search for a doctor were often frustrated with the site’s provider search functionality.  By understanding the specific issues that visitors were facing, hospital management gained the insights they needed to prioritize and make significant changes to the experience, including improved filtering by specialty, language, location and other key attributes.  Over time, they used ForeSee’s metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their changes and fine tune them.  As a result, site visitors have been more successful in finding a provider that will meet their needs, and are more likely to book an appointment or refer the hospital to others.

In addition to helping improve their existing web presence, this client has also devoted significant resources to expand its web presence by adding an online patient portal.  They knew from many sources, including ForeSee data, that patients wanted and needed a central place to access and manage their health information that was secure and easy to use.  ForeSee insights have been helpful in informing the design of the patient portal, and are now being used to measure and improve the experience of those using the portal.

As the healthcare system continues to change, it’s great to see our healthcare clients investing smartly to make navigating the complex healthcare system easier for patients.

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