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Customer Case Files: Retailers Find Success Using Customer Experience Analytics


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It’s hard to believe that the holiday shopping season is right around the corner.  And with it will be the barrage of advertising and promotions that retailers rely on to drive sales.  Given how critical the holidays are to the success of most retailers, it’s no wonder that so much is invested to try to acquire customers.

But successful retailers also realize that delivering a great customer experience is every bit as critical as enticing them with promotions.  And nowadays that means ensuring that all facets of your organization are working well together to meet the customer’s needs and exceed their expectations.   To achieve this, companies first need to know how they’re doing and where improvement opportunities exist.  Here are two companies who effectively use ForeSee’s customer experience analytics to align the various facets of their business to improve the customer experience.

The ForeSee Blog Customer Experience Case FilesOne of our retail clients was running a promotional campaign that was driving traffic to their website.  Web traffic increased accordingly, which was initially seen as a success.  Simultaneously, however, call volume to this company’s contact center also increased.  Analysis of the ForeSee data for the website as well as the contact center quickly identified the problem.  As it turned out, many customers were not finding the information they needed about the promotion on the website, and were having to contact the call center – a much costlier avenue for the customer to engage with the company.  Heightening the situation, the contact center reps weren’t equipped with the information they needed to help these customers.  Once this insight was identified, the client was able to quickly address the situation, which represented not only a significant cost savings for the contact center, but also helped to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion.

Another client learned through ForeSee’s customer experience analytics that their store level inventory and merchandising efforts were not properly aligned with the promotions and sales they were using to drive traffic to the store.  The data showed that a significant percentage of customers were simply not able to find the promoted items that they were hoping to purchase. Improved coordination and execution between the promotions and inventory management represent a huge revenue opportunity.

These are two powerful examples of how measuring the customer experience with the right analytics can help ensure that the different aspects of your organization are working in concert to provide a consistently great customer experience.

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