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CX Wins are Digital Transformation Wins: 6 Ways Businesses Achieve Both with ForeSee


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It’s likely that your business is pursuing digital transformation goals right now: Our analysis found that 85% of companies are investing this year. It’s also likely that it’s been a goal in your organization for some time.

Why is digital transformation still at the top of so many corporate to-do lists? Two reasons:

  1. It’s a moving target, with continually rising consumer and market expectations
  2. It’s hard to get right, requiring a combination of org-wide commitment, prioritized initiatives, and continual re-assessment

But those who are getting it right—like UK telco Three—have something in common: their transformation strategies are putting digital customer experience first.

Digital leaders lead with customer experience

CapGemini lists digital customer experience (CX) as one of its three pillars of digital mastery, saying: “Digital masters have a better understanding of their customers. Given that customer preferences change so fast in a digital world, organizations need to continuously monitor their knowledge of the market.” They also state that:

  • Close to 70% of digital masters use analytics to better segment their customers
  • Nearly 60% of digital masters offer an integrated cross-channel experience using digital technologies; only 22% of beginners can say the same

6 CX-centric strategies for fostering digital leadership (and increasing conversions)

CX insight goes beyond customers: Rather, it’s a customer-centric view into your entire business. When using ForeSee CX Suite to measure CX across the entire journey you:

  1. Understand your customers’ needs
    • People want more web and mobile services—but which are best for YOUR customers? A web site designed for micro-journeys, more online product info, or a mobile app with self-serve capabilities? CX Suite gives you the insight and data to know for sure.
  2. Create seamless experiences across channels and touchpoints
    • Customers want to move easily from desktop to mobile to web chat, and they’re loyal to businesses that give them open, consistent, and personalized experiences.
  3. Make the most of digital transformation resources
    • You have a limited budget and small teams. CX Suite prioritizes web and mobile investments that deliver the results you want—from more mobile conversions to higher NPS.
  4. Socialize and operationalize data
    • ForeSee data is easy to share across the organization, so people and teams stay focused on common goals based on shared intelligence, and the business fosters a digital-first culture.
  5. Accelerate issue identification and resolution
    • More and increasingly complex digital journeys mean that downtime, bugs, and other holdups have an ever-greater negative impact on customers. CX Suite uses replay and find-and-fix capabilities to bring issues to light early and improve resolution times.
  6. Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Uncover previously hidden insight into customer motivations and behaviors, enhance your ability to prioritize changes, and detect anomalies to see issues before they impact customers or other parts of the business.

Leaders in all industries are using CX to drive digital transformation efforts—learn more about how CX Suite can help you achieve organizational goals. And watch our webinar on the ROI of CX to see how better experiences can make a difference for your customers and your business.

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As a pioneer in customer experience analytics, Verint delivers superior technology and proven methodology to connect the customer experience to the bottom line. The result is better business for companies and a better experience for consumers.

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