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Declining Facebook Engagement? Focus On Satisfaction Instead.


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What to do about Facebook Engagement Decline

Many of you may have heard that social network giant Facebook recently decided to make a significant change to the algorithm that governs what appears in a person’s main news feed. Facebook users will now see far more updates from friends and less content from the likes of organizations, news publications, and yes, even brands.

The change is likely to lead to a decrease in engagement between big brands and their customers, but it could also affect a company’s ability to boost customer satisfaction through that sort of engagement. After all, a brand’s Facebook efforts can double as an informal contact center, albeit one with the ability to promote company-related news and promotional materials. With the average user spending over 40 minutes per day on the social network, it’s an attractive platform to leverage, but also one that ultimately cannot be controlled.

Before you decide to double the amount of spending or resources allocated to engaging Facebook subscribers, you may want to reassess your strategy and refocus your efforts purely on satisfaction. Why? Well, for starters you’re probably not able to adequately track the impact of Facebook engagement across other areas of the business. Furthermore, measuring engagement doesn’t really tell you much. You could be spending a lot of time and money that isn’t translating to higher revenue as well as potentially ignoring other areas of your process that could.

If you’re familiar with ForeSee, you know that tracking changes in customer satisfaction is among the best ways to predict future behaviors. We do this by measuring all aspects of the customer experience, and translating that CX data using our proven scientific methodology. (You can find out more about that here). As a result, you can be more confident that the decisions you’re making to improve the customer experience will have the desired outcome.

So for example, reallocating resources to improve contact center resolution times may lead to much higher satisfaction than increasing spending to maintain high engagement on Facebook. ForeSee’s customer experience analytics can also better inform how you’re engaging with customers on Facebook.

The main takeaway here is that with the right tools, improving satisfaction — rather than just engagement — can unlock the ability to make stronger business decisions to improve the customer experience.

Interested in exploring how to determine which CX investments will have the biggest impact on your bottom line? Let’s chat. Contact ForeSee today. 

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