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Deployment, Data, Deliberate Decisions: ForeSee and IBM Digital Marketing


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Every organization is on a continuum of customer experience analytics maturation.  While some continually progress along the continuum, others sit still or even regress.  That progression is in some ways much more important than the actual stage of maturity.  Why?  Because each step of incremental progress increases an organization’s ability to make deliberate decisions in managing its business.

When it comes to increasing customer experience analytics maturity, an often overlooked yet potent resource is an organization’s community of data and services providers.  Leveraging these providers in a distinctly integrated fashion (as opposed to simply lining up disparate deliverables next to one another) delivers a substantial volume of tremendous insights.

Consider two such insights, “deployment” and “data,” involving ForeSee and IBM Digital Marketing.


When two providers understand one another’s deployment methodology, meaningful time-to-value benefits often emerge, especially for organizations with web and mobile touch points requiring a high volume of tag-based (also known as JavaScript beacon-based or JavaScript pixel-based) solutions.  Distilling all those “tags” into a consolidated approach on a site dramatically simplifies the ability to deploy and manage solutions – including those provided by ForeSee, behavioral data providers, ad servers and countless others.

This is why ForeSee applauds a W3C standards initiative currently in progress.  This initiative is chaired by IBM, a ForeSee partner who is joined by other ForeSee partners such as Adobe and Google, and aims to solve common deployment issues by developing a common data model for collecting digital data.

ForeSee, with over 100 million tag-based surveys completed, and as the leading provider of customer experience analytics for web and mobile, supports the W3C initiative.  ForeSee is pleased to support its partner who chairs the initiative and to be among the ranks of technology providers committed to improving the deployment process for and evolving the experience of our collective customers.


One of the best ways for an organization to increase analytics maturity to drive deliberate decisions is to leverage the combined data of its providers.  This gives decision-makers a combined lens through which to analyze the business, as opposed to the limitation of the single lens of just one provider.

Contemplate, for example, the insight available to an organization with a web or mobile presence that combines ForeSee data with IBM Digital Marketing data.  ForeSee’s attitudinal data measures the satisfaction of a visitor’s experience, prioritizes the elements of the experience that will increase visitor satisfaction, and predicts the resulting future visitor behavior.  IBM’s behavioral data reports on and delivers intelligence about the specific actions taken by site visitors.

As a certified partner within the IBM Digital Marketing Network, which is a community of over 100 partner solutions that integrate with IBM Digital Marketing, ForeSee has collaborated with IBM to enable customers to integrate data from both solutions into a combined data set.

ForeSee and IBM Digital Marketing Partnership

The result is the ability to syndicate IBM’s behavioral analytics into ForeSee attitudinal analytics, which enables customers to apply critical ForeSee methodology metrics to key, specific visitor segments identified within IBM Digital Marketing.  For example, an organization can surface ForeSee’s “future purchase intent” score for the cart abandon visitor segment, the ForeSee likelihood to recommend score of the return visitor segment, the ForeSee overall satisfaction score to a campaign respondent segment or any other segment alignment of interest.

Those examples, though simple, illustrate the power that combined provider data sets bring to an organization – enabling movement along a continuum of customer experience analytics maturation and contributing to enriched and deliberate decisions to drive the business forward.

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