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Digital Contribution Champion: Home Depot leads when it comes to BOPIS


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BOPIS Digital Contribution Measurement

The age of informing your business decisions based solely on conversion metrics is over. To track True Conversion®, brands will need to start consulting, measuring, and generally obsessing over the contribution each digital channel has on the overall business.

This is especially true for any company interested in strengthening a strategy for BOPIS, or Buy Online, Pickup In Store. The nature of BOPIS requires a company to not only have a firm grasp of every channel consumers interact with (both digital and in-stores), but also the ability to measure the entire customer journey. And in today’s retail environment, that journey is much more complex. What begins on a brand’s mobile app may end inside a store, and vice versa. What starts on the desktop browsing the web store can end on a brand’s mobile site.

One great example of a company that’s nailing BOPIS is retailer Home Depot, which sees 40% of online orders picked up at one of its physical stores. The retailer’s strategy takes advantage of the entire customer experience, as one Forbes contributor points out:

“By integrating its online and offline channels, the company has ensured that customers can come to stores for a demo or advice and then buy the product online. For orders placed online, the customer can pick up the product in store and seek advice at the time of pick up. […] Through this strategy, Home Depot has been able to create an experience which is appreciated by most of its customers, leading to higher sales.”

But simply integrating digital and physical channels is risky unless you know the impact of each step in the customer’s journey to the cash register. It also requires using the right CX tools for measuring each part of the journey, as well as benchmarks showing how you stack up against others in your industry.

Interested in learning more about why and how to measure digital contribution to track True Conversion® ? Read our latest ForeSee Experience Index: Digital Contribution, or contact a ForeSee representative.

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