How to quantify the impact of digital channels across your business (Report)

More than 96% of customers leave your website without making a purchase, but you probably don’t know what they’re doing next. Are those customers still buying from you, but in another channel? Purchasing from a competitor? Not buying at all? And most importantly, how did the web experience impact their behavior along the buyer journey?

Customer experiences in web and mobile play a critical role in the customer journey. Many business leaders judge the success of digital channels based only on what happens in digital channels, but if you aren’t accurately measuring and understanding digital’s contribution to your overall business, you might be underestimating, or worse, underfunding your digital efforts.

FXI: Digital Contribution Report

Find out how your digital channels are contributing to your business in the FXI: Digital Contribution report.

Research from the ForeSee Experience Index (FXI) indicates that on average, one-quarter of visitors who start in web or mobile end up in physical stores. That means that experiences in digital channels influence behaviors across all touchpoints. Are you able to quantify the impact of your digital channels on store traffic and sales? Does your store team know how many store sales are being influenced by digital experiences?

If not, it may be time to reassess how you approach multi-channel attribution and contribution. A good first step would be to download our new FXI: Digital Contribution report, followed by speaking with a ForeSee representative for a customized briefing.

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