November 28, 2018 | Eric Head

The Digital Experience Drives New Rules for Retail


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Digital’s reach is now well beyond research and purchase journeys – it’s everywhere. And we’ve seen how customer-centric digital initiatives can lead to increased sales and stock prices. While companies are eyeing digital transformation, new rules for retail are coming into focus.

Our recent Digital Experience Index (DXI) report shows how today’s biggest brands perform on digital experience, including how digital is influencing omnichannel journeys and a customer’s ever-changing demands and habits.

What stands out the most for retailers? Three big things.

  1. In personalized journeys, devices aren’t far from reach. The full purchase journey is still a winding path of in-store, digital, mobile, and more. But it’s clear that customers are increasingly more comfortable navigating it device in-hand: nearly 60% of purchasers now start and end their purchase on mobile devices.
  2. Digital priorities matter to your customers, and for your business. Keeping your digital customer satisfied keeps them coming back – and it’s important to know which digital drivers your company should focus on. The DXI shows site performance and navigation as top priorities, but your mileage may vary. What are your customers telling you?
  3. Good digital CX means good ROI. Shoppers who report having a good experience in a digital channel are more likely to recommend and return – meaning a positive ROI for your company as customers spread the word before they come back for more.

Dive deeper into these retail rules here, and contact us to learn how your organization can use digital CX strategies to become a retail leader.

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ForeSee | Eric Head

Eric joined ForeSee at its inception in 2001 and today leads new business efforts for the company. During his tenure, he has been a central figure in establishing the ForeSee sales engine, building the company’s core base of clients, building the company’s presence in the UK and Europe, and developing strategic partnerships. Eric also introduced ForeSee’s offline business including Store and Contact Center channels and is a frequent speaker on customer experience measurement. He earned a B.S. degree (Marketing) from Miami University and an MBA (Strategy & Marketing) from the University of Michigan.

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