March 23, 2016 | The XM Blog

Does Same-Day Delivery Matter?


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Amazon and Google are both in the same-day delivery game, and many retailers are scrambling to determine whether this model will gain enough popularity with consumers that the strategy should be more widely adopted.

In the latest ForeSee Experience Index, we asked more than 15,000 web shoppers: If same-day delivery were available for this item, would you use it?

  • 39% said yes, they would use same-day delivery
  • 24% said no, they wouldn’t use same-day delivery
  • 37% said they didn’t know if they would

As always, shipping is a factor in customers’ decision making in general:

  • 15% of those who didn’t make a purchase cited high shipping costs as the reason
  • 30% who purchased online instead of from a catalog were persuaded to do so because of free shipping costs
  • 16% of people who decided to go to a store instead of shopping online did so because of high shipping costs.

drone delivery

Here’s something that may surprise you: despite all the concerns about drones, 39% of retail web shoppers say that if drone delivery were available, they would use it. This means more than one-third of retail customers are ready for drones! Only 24% said that even if it were available they wouldn’t use it, and 37% said they didn’t know.

How can you take this information and apply it to your own retail business? In my view, there are two lessons from the data:

1) Don’t assume you know what your customers do or do not want. Ask them. Don’t necessarily rely on industry averages or best practices to guide your strategy, though they can point you in the right direction.

2) Don’t just ask your customers through a simple survey that provides no strategic direction. It’s critically important to ask customers questions about their preferences and desires with a measurement-focused VOC framework. Without business discipline, VOC is based largely on guesswork leading to inconsistencies at best, and false positives that lead to error-prone business decisions at worst.

For more results from the definitive annual study of customer satisfaction with the largest retail brands in the U.S. and the U.K., check out the ForeSee Experience Index (FX): 2015 Retail Edition available for download today.

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