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Does Your Right Hand Know What Your Left is Doing?


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Does your right hand know what your left is doing?

When data from one of our retail clients showed that their satisfaction had hit a bump – we jumped into action. This wasn’t your typical tiny bump, however. It turned out to be a big problem hidden under a mountain of data. Luckily, we’re data ninjas, and finding the needle in the haystack is what gets our hearts pumping. We’re able to dive into data and emerge with some very specific details about what that data means to our clients’ customer satisfaction.

The particular needle in question was an issue with shipping — but not just shipping in general, shipping from one specific location (of many) the client had across the country. This one particular distribution center was under-performing and single-handedly pulling the entire satisfaction score down. Through further analysis and discussions with the client, it became clear that the retailer’s distribution centers were not privy to any of the data collected by the corporate office. Thus, they were not sufficiently aware of the customer dissatisfaction. They didn’t know they had a problem, so they couldn’t possibly have fixed it.

We recommended that our client share their customer experience data with their individual, regional distribution centers. This way, distribution center management is always equipped with the necessary information to facilitate changes to improve customer satisfaction.

Sharing knowledge and information is the key. Communicating customer experience data throughout the organization can improve satisfaction across the board and drive future sales.

This is only one example of an issue that we see happening more and more in today’s, multi-layered, multi-channel world. All of your organization’s touch points (web, mobile, store locations, call centers, social media) need to work together to deliver a satisfactory experience that keeps your customers coming back. Customers are interacting with organizations in many different ways today, and oftentimes the changes that need to occur within an organization in order to improve the customer experience require efforts from multiple departments.

So, always let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

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