November 15, 2017 | Dave Lewan

When expert and real-time content matters, people turn to E-Government (Report)


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FXI E-Government report q3 2017

During the third quarter of 2017, we saw major natural disasters, as well as a live science lesson in the form of the total solar eclipse. While there was no shortage of information flowing from many sources, the significant uptick in satisfaction to the most improved site confirms that citizens turned to the government for quality and accurate information. The NOAA Satellite and Information Service saw a 7-point increase to 74. Coming in a close runner up is the digital experience of U.S. Marines (marines.mll) with a 5-point increase and an 83 FXI score that stands as a testament to the investment made in the site in the areas of content and usability.

FXI E-Gov Q3 2017

Find additional commentary and data about the citizen experience in the latest FXI: E-Government Report, available now.

The state of digital government experience remained strong in Q3 2017 with an overall FXI score of 75.9 and 77.6 for mobile, despite a slight dip compared to the previous quarter. The two top drivers of satisfaction for digital government experience for the quarter were Site Information at 45% (the extent to which information is thorough and provides answers to questions) and Information Browsing at 40% (the ability to sort information, narrow choices, and the usefulness of site features). Clear and easy-to-understand content goes a long way, and the Social Security Administration’s “Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs” site took the top spot for most satisfied at 91 points.

When E-Government shines, so does the rest of government, with 88% of citizens more likely to use these websites as a primary resource and 55% more likely to return to those sites. And, delivering a great digital experience directly impacts the cost to serve. For example, one federal agency ForeSee partners with saw a 5% decrease in calls to its contact center after making improvements to its website that answered citizen questions more efficiently. The lowered call volume saved nearly $6 million annually. A focus on measuring citizen experience and identifying the changes that will have the biggest impact has the potential to deliver millions in cost savings.

For additional insights and data about the citizen experience of digital government, download the Q3 2017 FXI: E-Government Report now. 

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Dave Lewan is responsible for managing the organization focused on the public sector, including federal and state government departments and agencies, non-profit organizations, associations and higher education institutions. He is charged with defining strategy and leveraging internal resources to initiate new business opportunities while delivering to existing ForeSee public-sector clients. Dave is also responsible for ForeSee’s growing Canadian business including public and private sectors. In 2016, Dave will serve as ForeSee liaison with the Partnership for Public Service for the Center for Presidential Transition, in an effort to educate some 4,000 appointees who will enter into the federal government from the private sector as part of the new administration. Prior to joining ForeSee in 2009, Dave led in key strategic areas at ADP, SalesLogix, Ultimate Software and Ceridian. Dave graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in speech communications.

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