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Extra, Extra: Learn how ForeSee client Newsday is delivering a great customer experience


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We’re excited to share the story of Newsday, a large suburban newspaper serving Long Island, New York on how they’re improving their reader experience with CX. In a piece posted on the International News Media Association (INMA) site, Newsday reveals how they are improving business outcomes by implementing ForeSee to measure customer experience for its contact center, home delivery distribution, digital web, and mobile web platforms.

Hop over to for the full story from Monica Sanchez, manager of audience research at Newsday. It’s well worth it. We’ve also pulled a few of our favorite quotes below.

“Prior to this, voice-of-customer feedback data was very limited and disparate, leaving little opportunity to derive intelligent and actionable insights. These new measures offered the opportunity for initial benchmarking and continuous measurement.”

We’re constantly hearing how difficult it is to cobble together multiple measures — often from multiple vendors — and the time it takes to glean actionable insight from the data. Newsday works with not only our suite of customer experience tools and measurement, but also our incredible team of client analysts. ForeSee analysts become an extension of the data team, and the deep, shared brand knowledge provides better understanding of customers and the business decisions that benefit them.

“The survey responses are available to our data talent, who are continuously improving algorithms to better match customer service representatives’ personality types with customer attributes.”

We LOVE this innovative use of the voice of customer. Customers who respond well to a personable, verbose representative – meet Chatty Cathy. Customers who just want to call and be done with it – here’s No-Nonsense Ned. It’s 2018; provide the personalization!

“Now, feedback derived from distribution satisfaction surveying gives us a metric that has greater correlation to subscriber retention.”

Simply put, more subscribers = more revenue, so when higher satisfaction correlates to higher rates of subscriber retention, you’ll see more people paying attention.

Specifically, we improved customer satisfaction with site navigation by 27% and news content by 37% based on the presence of breaking stories, news quality, and depth of articles on the site.

Swoon. Who wouldn’t fall in love when you see metrics like these? By knowing their voice of customer data is a sure thing, guided by a scientific methodology, Newsday was able to make real business improvements.

Check out the INMA for the full story from Monica Sanchez.

If you’re interested in learning how your business can benefit, contact us to book a discussion today!

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