July 17, 2013 | Ben Stollard

Flying High on High Street with Great Customer Experience


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As one of the most recognisable names on High Street, House of Fraser has been committed to providing customers with top-notch service and quality for over 160 years.

Recently, the UK retailer was recognised for its customer experience efforts at the BT Retail Week Technology Awards in London that celebrated the industry’s achievements over the last year. During the event, House of Fraser and ForeSee were together named award winners for the Insight Solution of the Year – a category recognising the best uses of data and analytics in the retail industry.

ForeSee and House of Fraser win Retail Week Technology AwardHouse of Fraser and ForeSee beat out many impressive sets of brands and insight partners for the accolade such as: Boots, IBM; Hillarys, Sales Mobile Analytics (SAMOA); Matalan, RichRelevance; Liberty, Ve Interactive; O2 UK, Liaison Technologies; Play.com, DC Storm; Sainsbury’s, Atheon Analytics; and Virgin Media, Ipsos Retail Performance

It’s no surprise as customer experience data is engrained in the company’s strategy. Company leaders know it is a priority to understand the individual customers’ needs, wants, and expectations, so they can provide the best experience possible.

As a multi-channel retail organisation, House of Fraser needs consistent customer experience metrics to see the interconnected relationships between channels. Therefore, they sought a solution that could provide near real-time analytics. Company leaders implemented ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics for Contact Centre, Web, Mobile, and Stores to connect the dots between channels and quickly identify and address customer pain points that had a significant impact on customer satisfaction in order to create a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Using the same methodology across all the channels, House of Fraser is able to understand the true multichannel customer satisfaction measurement.  By quantifying the effect of changes to the customer experience before they are made, they can manage the customer experience across the organisation, based on predictive rather than reactive feedback.

As a result, House of Fraser’s contact center satisfaction went up 30% in one quarter.

House of Fraser saved hours of guess work trying to trouble-shoot issues around delivery complaints. Using actual voice of customer feedback, including open-ended verbatim responses, contact center managers built a compelling business case to address delivery process changes quickly. Satisfaction rebounded as the delivery status expectations were addressed on the website – an example of cross channel measurement effectiveness.  The UK retail market remains a challenging environment and improvements such as these are vital to the health of the organisation and the way it serves its customers.

In looking at the website and design of the site, there were hundreds of things the company could have done to make improvements, yet they were all subjective and would not equally impact customer satisfaction or require the same allocation of resources. Using ForeSee’s unique methodology they were able to help prioritise changes that would directly impact customer satisfaction.

For example:

  • Redesign the website and checkout – Their decision to redesign the website in July 2011 and checkout in June 2012 originated in the feedback received from customers via ForeSee surveys. Addressing many of the key issues raised by customers led to improvements to satisfaction and sales and ultimately increased conversation rates by approximately 20%.
  • Performance improvements –Another key theme found throughout the data was the importance of website performance. Company leaders didn’t have a full grasp on the impact this was having on their customers’ confidence until the data made it an obvious focus for development. The company made a lot of changes “under the hood” to improve page load and reliability. Now, performance is one of their highest scoring elements.

Because ForeSee’s proven methodology connects the customer experience to the bottom line, House of Fraser’s executive team and managers are able to drive success by identifying the efforts that will achieve business and brand objectives, resulting in House of Fraser’s ability to maintain its reputation for superior customer experience.

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Ben Stollard is ForeSee’s UK Director of Sales. Prior to joining the ForeSee team, Ben served as Vice President of Northern Europe Sales for Kyriba Corp. Prior to that, Ben was the IBM North EMEA Sales Director at IBM London. Ben also worked as a sales director for VirtualizeIT and as a UK as Enterprise Sales Manager at Congos. Ben has a BSc, Information & Computer Science from Loughborough University.

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