July 12, 2019 | Shannon Latta

ForeSee Benchmarks: Don’t Leave CX Insight and ROI on the Table


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Customers don’t only judge you against your competitors. They compare experiences with your brand against the best experiences they have, everywhere. That means you’re being judged against leaders in every field, and at every stage of the journey.

Do you know how you compare? If not, your Voice of Customer (VoC) program might be missing a vital component—benchmarking context. Think about your CX data and ask yourself these questions:  

  • Are you setting realistic and achievable goals?
  • Do you know exactly what to improve and by when?
  • Have you identified the right journey stage for improvement?
  • Can you justify changes to executives and gain their buy-in?

Our clients can answer “yes” to all of these. ForeSee Benchmarks and Benchmark Services allow your business to compare CX against peers and best-in-class across hundreds of categories. By adding such deep and broad frames of reference, you can improve how you prioritize and make decisions—which means your customers will benefit from the added insight and your business will benefit from added efficiency.

Most benchmark services only provide quarterly or yearly input. ForeSee Benchmarks give you continuous context into Net Promoter Score (NPS), customer satisfaction (CSAT), and other measures, across a vast array of categories, including:

  • Industries—retail, finance, insurance, utilities, public sector, healthcare, travel, etc.
  • Languages—English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and many more.
  • Experiences—purchase, search, checkout, abandonment, plus many others.
  • Channels—desktop, mobile, in-location, contact center, fulfillment, and more.

Plus geographies, business types, and many others.

And ForeSee Benchmark Services are part of CX Suite. That means they’re easy to access and integrated with all of your other CX data, giving you an at-a-glance view of omnichannel customer journeys and the ability to dive deep into customer experience details.

Learn more about how ForeSee Benchmarks and Benchmark Services can help you add critical insight to CX decisions—from justifying a website redesign, prioritizing app updates, investing in contact center innovation, or hundreds of other possibilities—by downloading the solution sheet. Or contact your account team, who will help you understand the value of ForeSee Benchmarks and Benchmark services.

About the Author

Shannon Latta is vice president of marketing and communications for Verint ForeSee, responsible for brand and positioning, content strategy, product marketing, corporate communications, and marketing results.

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