June 21, 2018 | The XM Blog

How ForeSee Makes an Impact with $7.8M in Economic Benefits


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New Independent Study Shows Increased Revenue, Efficiency, and Other Improvements

What’s the financial impact of partnering with ForeSee to measure and improve customer experience? A commissioned study by Forrester Consulting shows how CX Suite drives conversion rates, revenue improvements, and cost savings, including:

  • $7.8 million in total benefits
  • Payback of initial investment in less than three months
  • 315% return on investment

The ForeSee Total Economic Impact (TEI) study is based on in-depth interviews with several of our customers in the retail, utilities, and telecommunications industries who are using CX Suite to measure and improve satisfaction and likelihood to recommend. With that input, Forrester developed a composite organization to determine the bottom-line benefits CX Suite delivers.

Over a three-year period, the study found an economic impact that includes millions in:

  • Increased digital sales
  • Retained digital sales
  • Avoided costs
  • Reduced call-center costs
  • Reduced outsourcing fees

It’s always been a challenge for businesses to quantify CX programs. But the ForeSee TEI shows that by leveraging ForeSee CX Suite’s proven causal model, companies can measure their most important KPIs and link improvements to increased conversion, loyalty, and revenue.

Get complete economic impact details by downloading the ForeSee TEI.

Then Take the Next Step

That $7.8 million in benefits is just the start. Our independent analysis shows that ForeSee outperforms other CX vendors on both cost and revenue improvements:

  • Achieve initial payback 1.9X faster than with other vendors
  • Enable 40% more revenue growth than with competitor solutions
  • Reduce the cost of contact-center support by $1.38 per call

Contact us to calculate the potential economic impact of using ForeSee for your CX measurement initiatives and find out how we can deliver business benefits not possible with other CX vendors.

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As a pioneer in customer experience analytics, Verint delivers superior technology and proven methodology to connect the customer experience to the bottom line. The result is better business for companies and a better experience for consumers.

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