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How ForeSee CX Suite makes analyzing data easier


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Organizations spend an enormous amount of time and resources collecting data about their operations and customers, data which can prove invaluable in a number of ways. However, deriving meaningful, actionable insights from that data isn’t always easy. We designed ForeSee CX Suite with this in mind, helping analysts easily and quickly yield powerful insights from customer experience data.

Easily customize and filter data

Analyst Survey Sorting

Sorting is made easier in ForeSee CX Suite.

Running multiple survey projects, for instance, is simplified by being able to reference everything from a single tool, via the Survey Project Center in CX Suite. It’s easy to filter surveys by date range and status, and favorite survey projects referenced frequently. And for specific projects, you can add custom columns to further fine tune your view.

Additionally, every custom view and filters can be saved for later reference, meaning analysts are spending less time sifting through data and more time exploring the data and sharing insights. Check out the corresponding visuals for a closer look. And, you can easily filter your data across CX Suite using criteria from other apps in the Suite, such as Replay or Feedback, for added analysis.

Compare to industry benchmarks

Analyst Benchmark comparison Visualizations

Benchmark your results against others.

One big advantage available to clients is our massive collection of industry benchmarks. ForeSee has over 600 benchmark categories and 250 million data points across various industries and sectors. Some of those categories include benchmarks for channel experience (desktop, mobile, apps, stores, contact centers, etc.), benchmarks for subcategories with dozens of industries (for example apparel, sporting goods, and speciality in the retail sector), and scores for various points of the customer journey (digital browse, BOPIS, fulfillment, online checkout, and more).

With ForeSee CX Suite, analysts and others in the organization can get quick access to this data in just a few clicks. With clearly visualized benchmark data, quickly see how you stack up, and subsequently where to make improvements.

Drill into respondent data

It’s nice to quickly get a broad view of surveys and projects, but with CX Suite you can dig deeper with easy access to respondent level data. You can see how each responded to survey questions and pertinent information about the respondent’s browser information, the version of code being used, whether they were on desktop or mobile, and more.

Additionally, the respondent detail view has a new left navigation and easier scrolling. You can customize your columns and views to narrow down to a list of respondents.

Socialize data easily

And finally, we realize analyzing data isn’t the only pain point. Being able to socialize CX data and insights with coworkers, cross-departmental teams, and other organizational leaders is also a major need. Analysts can export reports (PPT and CSV) of ForeSee CX Suite’s dashboards and tables to simplify getting buy-in from other departments and stakeholders — as well as explaining the findings to executives and decision-makers.

For more details, visit our ForeSee CX Suite page or connect with a ForeSee representative.

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